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The main profile is CNC machining of metal componenets to tight tolerances and fine surface finish requirements.




Welcome to the homepage of
CNC-Center Ltd.!




CNC Center's core processes assure swift response to customer enquiries and optimal deliveries of finished products.

CNC Center provides quotations based on drawings or digital models of the required parts, it confirms orders with delivery dates and keeps to it.

CNC Center produces 
complex, turned and milled metal parts that are machined against tight tolerances and finished with smooth surface. Many finished products are surface treated with either chemical blacking, ARCOR® or anodising. Most of our machined parts are supplied to two main customer groups: (i) hydraulic bolt tensioning companies, and (ii) pump manufacturers. Both industries require high precision and perfect execution in machining due to the extreme hydraulic pressure where these parts need to operate (600-800 bar). The testing of prototype parts is often executed at the 1250 – 2500 bar pressure range.

Currently there are two high tech CNC milling- and a CNC turning centers provide machining.

CNC Center Kft. became into the ownership of Hamptons 2020 Kft. in 2022.